Ladies! Looking for a little inspiration to kick your career up a notch? We’ve got some great sites just for you. Summer is the perfect season to sit back, take a quick breath, and gear up for the fall. While you’re enjoying the sun and the sand, scan through some of these sites to stay up-to-date with everything you need to know to put a crack in the glass ceiling.

For industry updates and womanspiration: The Broadsheet

One of our favorite sites is The Broadsheet!

The Broadsheet is the daily newsletter for Fortune’s Most Powerful Women (though you can also read it on Fortune’s site). In this digest, you’ll read daily updates from all the top headlines concerning women, along with some light analysis on how this might affect you. Usually, The Broadsheet leads with one major story – sexual harassment in Silicon Valley, for example – and follows with some general news and headlines you may have missed. Think the Skimm, but for women in power.

For running your career like a #boss: The Muse

The Muse is a site that offers advice from recruiters and career experts.

The Muse is a site chock full of expert career advice, no matter how silly or random your question may seem. Looking to publish an article on LinkedIn? The Muse has a template that will help you sound smart. Seeking a new job? See their weekly highlights of companies that are hiring in different US cities. Wondering how much to ask for in a salary negotiation? Their Ask a Recruiter series has you covered. When there’s no college career center or mentor for you to turn to, The Muse should be your go-to source.

BONUS: Another great site you should check out is that of workplace expert Lindsey Pollak. Pollak focuses on problems and conundrums that are unique to the millennial workforce: how to combat generational stereotypes, for example. Check out her site for all kinds of help managing your career!

For mentorship and advice: Ladies Get Paid

Ladies Get Paid supports women to get paid what they deserve.

We can’t say enough great things about this community. Ladies Get Paid is a Slack community built on women supporting other women. Founded in 2016 by Claire Wasserman, LGP was originally started as a way to help women advocate for themselves. Since then, the community has exploded: there are currently more than 4,000 Ladies Get Paid members from 48 states and 43 countries. The Slack channel is free to join, and you can find information, advice, resources, and events through their discussion boards, which cover everything from salary negotiation and mentorship to clothing swaps and volunteer events.

For work-life balance: Refinery29

R29 is a site that specializes in work-life balance.

You probably know Refinery29 for their fashion and makeup articles, but there’s more to this site than smoky eye tutorials (though we love a good smoky eye tutorial). Their work + money page covers everything from what it’s like to live in New York on a $52k salary to how to why (or why not) you should consider working a 70 hour week. We like R29 because their stories remind us that work is part of a bigger picture. That, while learning to be the only woman in the room is important, so is figuring out how to hack travel deals for your next overseas flight. And if you choose to get your career advice through horoscopes, that’s just fine too.

For showing what makes you uniquely qualified: BULLIT

At BULLIT, we’re all about helping you stand out from the crowd by showing what makes you the best fit for the job. The things that make you great – your leadership, creativity, and trustworthiness – often get lost on a one page resume. For women, the uphill battle is even steeper. Studies have shown that men are twice as likely than women to receive outstanding letters of recommendation. Additionally, a gender wage gap still exists, and if women are ever going to overcome it, we need to level the playing field in how candidates are evaluated. Whether you’re shy about showing  your accomplishments, or the system seems to be working against you, having a reference speak on your behalf is a huge asset. Your reputation matters so much, but building a reputation as a great worker doesn’t happen by itself. And that’s why we’re here to help!


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