A safe place to showcase what makes you
uniquely great at your job!


Your profile is yours to control. It pulls basic information from LinkedIn or Facebook.


A one-touch review tool. A quick and easy way to show a snapshot of your key qualities.


Ask your best references to speak for you and display them 24/7. Why hide your references until you are looking for a new job?


Check out coworkers and friends. Follow anyone you want to stay updated on.


Display anonymous reviews. Show a detailed picture of what you’re really like to work with. Comment and agree/disagree with other users’ reviews.


Display or hide anything you want. Your profile belongs to you!


“BULLIT is the perfect way to “be seen” at work. I finally feel like I have a safe space to show all the qualities that make me a great colleague and co-worker. I also think the WordCloud is fun to play with!"

“I love this idea! BULLIT is the first place to acknowledge the human side of employees and the workplace. I also love that I can freely show my best references 24/7 instead of hiding them until I switch jobs.”

"Modern offices are all about relationships and people. A great team makes a great business. BULLIT is helpful both for people seeking new jobs and for those that want to shine in their current role. It's time we changed our thinking about resumes and use them as tools to show who we are as people as well as our skills."

“This is the first time anonymity hasn’t scared me. These tools are useful and offer a way to request and display positive feedback. I like that I’m in complete control of my profile!”

“This is WAY more fun than LinkedIn. No more boring newsfeeds with industry articles written by people I barely know…now we can talk about what matters – REAL PEOPLE and what makes them fun to work with. I think this is really useful tool for anyone that cares about their relationships at work."

“I was skeptical at first but I really like this concept. I think that transparency at work is more important than ever, especially for employees who have skills and qualities that may be easily overlooked. I’m a BULLIT convert!”

“Finally! A social network for professionals who want to be seen as more than a worker bee!”

“This product gets to the heart of what makes an office function: the personalities and soft skills of the people who work there. Great idea. I can’t wait to use this.”

“WordCloud is a nice, one-touch way to share what it’s like to work with someone. People are all that matter at work and this is a safe way to share your “work personality.”


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