Frequently Asked Questions

BULLIT is a platform for giving and receiving anonymous professional reviews. Don’t worry – you are in control of what your profile says about you.

Did you receive an email that says, “You’ve Been Reviewed?” If so, someone you know has written a professional review of you. All you have to do is login to read it.

Just curious about what BULLIT is all about? Then log in and search around!

Look for coworkers and friends.

Share your opinion by reviewing people, agreeing/disagreeing with their feedback or commenting on a profile.


1. What is BULLIT?

BULLIT is a professional social network that focuses on what makes you great at your job; namely, the skills and traits that only you bring to the table.

BULLIT is about boosting your career.  We are here to transform how young professionals show themselves and get recognized. Show the things that make you truly great at your job: the experience, raw talent, and soft skills that really matter to your coworkers, mentors, and boss. Anonymous recommendations speak to your skills so you don’t have to.

BULLIT is about useful insights. Anonymous review sound scary. But we believe anonymity frees our community to provide feedback that has real impact. With a heft set of privacy and anti-abuse policies and tools in place, we encourage users to be honest in their reviews and to give feedback without awkwardness or disingenuous comments that often come from performance evaluations. Best of all, you’re in complete control over what’s shown or hidden.

BULLIT is about timely feedback. There’s nothing worse than waiting until the end of the year to hear about your performance in an annual review. Hear what you’re doing great – and could improve – when it really matters.

BULLIT is about better connections. We’re making it easy to network with the people who matter in your career. Give a knock-out client presentation? Ask them for a quick review on BULLIT. Seeking a new job? Check out a potential coworker’s profile on BULLIT. Take your references with you at every point in your career, not just in the moment you’re seeking a new job.

You are a multi-dimensional person with qualities that go beyond your professional degrees and credentials. It’s time to let that person shine through.

BULLIT’s Values

Our goal is to create a community that values respect above all else. We require our members to have a sense of responsibility and accountability to the community. This means a commitment to providing honest, well-meaning feedback at all times.

We understand that not all feedback can be positive, but we require it to always be constructive. This means: if you have nothing nice or constructive to say about someone, you need to move on to another profile. Further, if you see something that might be harmful, you can take action: we encourage our members to protect each other from bullying and harassment, and we give you the tools to treat others the way you wish to be treated.

Any attempt to use our platform to harm or bully another user may result in permanent suspension of your membership. Click here to learn more about BULLIT’s safety/anti-abuse tools.

2. What BULLIT is NOT:

BULLIT is not a place to punish others. We will not tolerate vulgarity, bullying or abusive behavior of any kind. Our first priority is to make sure that we enforce a safe and thoughtful community for showing the world who you really are as a coworker and colleague.

We understand that not all commentary on a professional’s reputation can be universally positive. We also believe that, even in the most challenging circumstances, feedback can be written thoughtfully and constructively to give a balanced view. We require all feedback to be written with the intent to be helpful, or it may be removed by our administrator. Our approach is: If you don’t have anything constrictive to say about someone – move on to another profile.

Most of all: we want our users to be proud of their BULLIT profiles! That’s why you are free to hide any (or all!) comment you receive from public view. To learn more about how you can curate your profile, click here to read about our privacy tools.

3. Why do I need BULLIT?

At BULLIT, we think we all need more than a passive list of our previous employers and connections online. We need a way to show who we are and what our interpersonal skills and personality bring to the conference table. We believe that teams and collaboration rule over hierarchy. As a result, we need a way to show our soft skills and human qualities in the workplace. That’s where reviews and testimonials from people we have worked with come in. They help add color to that black and white resume by showing your strengths in skills more clearly.

Recruiters and potential employers are already looking at your social media presence—in fact, 93% of hiring managers check up on your social media profiles before making a hiring decision. Your professional contacts want to learn more about you, too. This includes potential employers, colleagues, clients and networking contacts.

We have all heard the same advice time and again: clean up your social media profiles so they don’t hurt your chances of getting (or keeping) your dream job. By why can’t we show our professional networks who we are as real people? It seems like the professional world wants us to pretend we aren’t real people with real personalities. Why do we accept this as a rule?

Most of us turn to LinkedIn as our professional social network. But does your LinkedIn profile really reflect who you are as a dynamic, multi-dimensional employee with interests and skills that make you unique? Or is it just a digital copy of your resume that you update every few years? If you’re anything like us, it’s the latter.

It’s the personality behind your resume that makes you a great addition to any workplace. We share so much of ourselves online; why don’t we also show who we are as professionals? At BULLIT, we want you to leverage your professional network to show who you are in the workplace – beyond your degrees, previous jobs or internships. We want to help show the REAL you!

4. How does BULLIT work?

We want you to confidently display your network’s feedback about what you’re like to work with while remaining in control of your profile at all times. BULLIT allows community members to provide anonymous feedback to colleagues and coworkers. Here’s how it works:

  • Signup/Sign in: Verify your identity with a LinkedIn login. This helps us connect you with any feedback you’ve already received.
  • Explore: Take a look around. Read any feedback you’ve received and check out your friends’ and colleagues’ profiles. “Follow” anyone you find interesting and want updates on.
  • Review: Comment on a coworker’s WordCloud. Help your friends and colleagues by providing insight into what they’re really like at the office. Help them show off what makes them who they are at work. Start reviewing!
  • Invite: Request reviews from people whose opinions you value and trust. Anyone you consider a “reference” is a great place to start.
  • Control: Review and edit your own profile. Add word to your own WordCcloud. Comment on reviews you’ve received. Hide or flag any you don’t agree with. Your profile is yours to control. You’re the boss!
5. What is WordCloud and how do I use it?

BULLIT WordCloud is a one-touch tool that allows you to display the best qualities you bring to the workplace – think of it as a one-touch way to show your work personality to your colleagues. People can agree or disagree on words from our system or add their own words that better describe you. We encourage you to add any words you like to your own WordCloud – your opinion and voice matters!

Each word can only be added/agreed/disagreed with one time by each person. By clicking on the “index” on the lower right hand corner, you can see how many times a particular word has been agreed with.

If you disagree with or dislike any of the words that appear on your WordCloud, feel free to hide them via the “Edit” button. Remember – your profile belongs to YOU. If you don’t like what your WordCloud says, go ahead and hide any or all of your words. You’re the boss!

6. What is my BULLIT score?

We created the BULLIT score to provide you with a straightforward framework to evaluate your best qualities. While measurements like the Myers-Briggs and Strengthsfinder can tell you deep personality traits about a person, the BULLIT score reflects work style and habits that matter in a team-oriented workplace. The BULLIT score consists of six key metrics:

  • B – Brains: Quick thinker or dim bulb?
  • U – Urgency: Are deadlines laws or suggestions?
  • L – Logic: Thinks clearly or makes easy things difficult?
  • L – Leadership: Deserves to be ship captain?
  • I – Imagination: Creative thinker or box dweller?
  • T – Trustworthiness: Straight shooter or misses the mark?

These metrics provide insight into your professional strengths and can help you understand how your colleagues view you.

And don’t worry – if you don’t agree with a comment or a score someone has given you, you can hide it. This means it will be removed from your overall score average as well. We know that people are multi-dimensional and therefore can’t be captured accurately in one number; that’s why we give you the chance to hide and report scores as well as comment on your own reviews. We want you to update your profile until it accurately shows the real you!

7. How is BULLIT different from LinkedIn?

BULLIT and LinkedIn are two very different platforms. LinkedIn is a resource for displaying your resume online. Sure, there are other features, but the most common use is listing your previous employers and degrees.

We believe there are more important aspects to you and your professional life beyond how many clubs you led in college or how many people endorse you for “marketing”. That’s where BULLIT comes in. You are more than the jobs listed on your resume; you have skills and a personality that make you valuable. That’s why you need more than a list of irrelevant endorsements and qualifications that do not offer the detail to accurately represent what you’re like to work with.

BULLIT provides unique insights LinkedIn cannot. A list of previous employers won’t tell you how well someone works in a team setting, what their level of attention to detail is, or how they handle deadlines. In the real world, we think these details are critical to every professional relationship. You should be able to find those details out early and understand who someone is as a professional.

BULLIT is the person behind the resume and degrees. The real you!

8. How does curating my professional reputation benefit me?

It’s a shame we all hear the same messages over and over: tone down your social media presence so that it looks “professional”. Don’t show too much sass on Twitter and make sure that your Instagram settings are ultra private. Wouldn’t it be the great if you could actually show your professional personality to those who want to see it instead of just a one-dimensional, black and white resume posted on LinkedIn? As in: the real person you are in the office?

Curious people are already Googling you—whether it’s your new office mate, your intern, your boss’s boss, or a recruiter, people are checking you out. Remember: 93% of hiring managers check your social media presence before making a decision to hire you. And why shouldn’t they? Did you know that 46% of new hires fail within the first 18 months? And that when they do fail, 89% of the time, it’s because of issues relating to “fit or culture” rather than job skills? Pretty shocking. That’s why recruiters want to find out more about you. They’re looking for clues about who you really are because it matters in both the short and long run.

At BULLIT, we think we all need more than a passive list of our previous employers and connections online. We need a way to show who we are and what our personal brand brings to the conference table. That’s where reviews and testimonials from people we have worked with come in. They help add color to that black and white resume by showing your strengths and skills more clearly.

We also believe that your references should speak for you and your hard work 100% of the time, not just in the moment when you need to switch jobs. By managing your professional reputation more actively, you better control your personal brand so it accurately reflects who you are and the skills you bring to a team setting. You are unique – your online professional presence should reflect that!

9. What is “back channel reference checking”?

Back channel reference checking happens when a call is made to a random, former colleague that you never listed as a reference — this is the professional reputation grapevine and it operates without your active involvement. Unfortunately, hiring managers make decisions based on these references all the time.

Sound like a raw deal? We agree. BULLIT believes that you have a right to know what your “back channel reputation” is. If a former colleague has specific, helpful examples of how you were an invaluable member of your team, you deserve to know – and benefit from those insights. If a former supervisor thinks you have some areas that need improvement, you should also have access to that information. BULLIT takes the “black box” element out of reference checking and lets you see – and benefit from – the insights and opinions being shared.

10. What is “mutual reference checking” and why does it matter?

Let’s say you are applying for a job or trying to land a new client. Naturally, people want to know what to expect and gain a better understanding of your “soft skills” in the workplace. A major component of the hiring decision is based on positive references from former colleagues or clients. Managers want to know if you will “fit in” with their company culture.

Unfortunately, the sad truth is that new hires often don’t work out. In fact 46% of new hires fail within the first 18 months. In the cases where they do fail, 89% of the time it is an issue of behavior or cultural fit rather than job skills. This is because cultural fit at work matters! These are people you are spending 8+ hours with every day. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could find out what the people you will be working with are like before we accept a job and start spending so much time with them?

This is where mutual reference checking comes in. Just as a company is trying to see if you’re the right fit, you should be trying them on for size. BULLIT is a good way to do your homework on the company’s culture BEFORE you accept an offer or new contract. You can read about the specific skills and traits of your potential future colleagues and understand how you would potentially fit in with the team. With BULLIT, you don’t have to be surprised on day one– you can learn about the office culture ahead of time!

11. Why are the reviews anonymous?

Getting (and giving) advice at work can be agonizing, like being on hold with the cable company or getting a cavity filled. Once or twice a year, employees receive “feedback” on how they’re performing, but in reality, that review is often unspecific, passive aggressive, or too little too late — all of which is unhelpful and frustrating. Face-to-face reviews rarely provide a direct, honest answer.

What professionals truly need is direct feedback in real-time — not just once a year. They also need the ability to speak freely without fear of changing the ongoing working relationship.

Though it sounds paradoxical, we believe that by making reviews anonymous, we can add a new level of transparency to performance reviews by freeing people to be direct and constructive. Anonymity allows for more honest feedback. And while we realize that it’s still scary to get that feedback, we’re putting you in control. Don’t like what you see? Hide it. Think the feedback is useful and specific? Thank the author in the comments section.

We also believe that even in situations where you want to provide extremely positive feedback, a lack of anonymity can make it seem disingenuous. The LinkedIn references tool illustrates this phenomenon – many of the reviews/references seem fake, inauthentic, or outdated. Anonymity removes that “fake” feeling and enables people to be straightforward and transparent.

One important point: BULLIT is not a platform for members to use anonymity to punish each other. We use various anti-abuse tools to discourage vulgarity, bullying or abusive behavior of any kind. Please click here to learn more about our anti-abuse tools.

12. How does BULLIT maintain anonymity?

We take anonymity very seriously. We don’t mess around when we say we want a safe, constructive environment for our members to share and receive feedback. From a technology standpoint, we have created a system to safeguard your identity and ensure that your feedback remains anonymous. BULLIT sends the author’s identity through a one-way cryptographic hashing algorithm before we store any review data. Once we do that, we create an online database featuring ratings, reviews and recommendations for business professionals.

We also maintain your anonymity when you follow another user. That way, you can easily choose anyone you want to stay up-to-date on without seeming like a creeper.

One thing to remember – you are not anonymous when you comment on your own profile! Your comments appear with your name attached because we believe that your voice is the most important one on your own profile. We want to give you the ability to thank people directly for their feedback and to request more information if you want to.

13. How does BULLIT put me in control of my profile?

BULLIT provides a number of tools designed to put you in control of your online professional reputation.

With BULLIT, you can:

  • Invite References to Review You:  Let your positive references speak for you and your hard work 100% of the time, not just when you need to switch jobs. Why not make your references available so they can speak for you daily? BULLIT provides a place for you to invite your references to provide an anonymous review of you.
  • Respond to Feedback:  BULLIT offers you the opportunity to receive candid feedback and directly respond to it. At any moment when using BULLIT, you can participate in the conversation about your performance. Receive great feedback regarding a recent presentation at work? Add a comment thanking the anonymous reviewer. See a thoughtful, constructive suggestion of how you can improve your work next time? Directly ask the reviewer for more details or provide further insight into the topic at hand. Your voice is key in the discussion —and BULLIT wants you to take control.
  • Hide or Remove Reviews:  We allow any member to hide any review that they don’t want displayed on their public profile. No questions asked. Just click “Hide”, and we’ll immediately pull the feedback from your profile. Every BULLIT profile has a “Hidden Review Counter” to indicate how many reviews the member has hidden from their profile. This feature helps other BULLIT members understand how heavily you edit your profile.
  • Flag Comments for Abuse:   BULLIT uses technical filters intended to automatically block reviews with vulgar or abusive language, but of course our filters cannot capture every abusive or inappropriate review. As a BULLIT member, you also can immediately flag any review that you read (on your profile or on someone else’s) that you believe violates our rules against abuse, vulgarity and bullying. As soon as you flag a comment, the BULLIT team will temporarily remove it from the recipient’s page. We will then promptly review the flagged comment for violation of our Terms of Use. If we agree that the review is intentionally hurtful or abusive, we will remove it permanently from that user’s profile and caution or ban the author. If we disagree that the comment violates our Terms of Use, we will add it back to the profile, but put it in the “Hidden” category, so that it does not appear publicly. Members are free to add it back to their profile should they so desire. To learn more about how we protect our users, click here to read about our anti-abuse policies.
14. How does the “Hidden Comments Indicator” work?

The “Hidden Comments Indicator” at the top of each profile shows the total number of reviews or comments that have been hidden by the owner of the profile and gives an indication as to how heavily edited the profile is.

Hidden comments do not contribute to your overall BULLIT score. If you later decide that you would like to “unhide” a comment, you can always add it back to your profile page, and your “Hidden Comments” counter will decrease accordingly. You’re the boss!

15. Tips for writing helpful reviews

Start by honestly answering the six BULLIT-trait questions to produce a BULLIT score. Immediately following the BULLIT score, you have the opportunity to write detailed commentary on your experience working and interacting with this member. A helpful review is anything that you write with the intent to be helpful to the recipient.

Here are some example reviews as a guide:

Example #1: A short review

“Bert is a great guy. He is calm and cool under pressure and really knows a lot about his business.”

Example #2: A longer review

“Ernie is a huge asset to any team he is a part of. He has a solid work ethic and is highly collaborative. I’m impressed with his ability to manage multiple projects at the same time while consistently meeting deadlines.
Sometimes I have noticed that Ernie gets easily worked up when his ideas aren’t executed properly. But, he usually listens to his colleagues in these moments and comes to a logical conclusion. He would be a more effective leader if he followed his instincts from the beginning. He really knows what he is doing!”

Example #3: A  list of bullets outlining strengths and areas for improvement.

In my experience, Kermit:
– Is very articulate
– Works well with others
– Has strong leadership skills within his team

Areas of improvement include:
– Prepare more before client meetings
– Present his ideas with more confidence

BULLIT wants you to feel free to share your opinion and join the conversation. No piece of feedback is too small to make an impact!

16. How do I display my best references 24/7/365 on BULLIT?

To help you build a robust set of references, BULLIT has created a “Request Reviews” function. With this tool, you can invite feedback from your most trusted contacts and people you respect in your network. Invited references receive an email stating that you have a profile on BULLIT and value their feedback as a trusted reference and business contact. BULLIT will then direct them to your profile, where they can anonymously review you.

These reviews appear in orange (“invited reviews”) on your profile so they can be easily identified. If you want to read only the references for a particular user, just click the “Show only invited reviews” button at the top of their profile.

Pro Tip: Should a client or potential employer request your references, you’ll want to show consistency between your BULLIT profile and your traditional references. Be sure to invite feedback from people who know you best!

17. What is the difference between “Invited Reviews” and “Other Reviews”?

Invited Reviews: This is feedback that you’ve requested from people you know and trust in your network. Think of these reviews as the references you would give to a potential employer or prospective client. This is your chance to show them 24/7/365 instead of only when you’re looking for a new job!

Other Reviews: These reviews are feedback from other BULLIT members who choose to review you without an invitation. We believe that all feedback has value when delivered in a professional, constructive manner, and these other reviews are sometimes even more helpful than the ones you ask for from your references. Some of the most insightful feedback comes unsolicited from unlikely sources, such as a former colleague you once collaborated with on a project.

Remember, should you disagree with any review or comment, you have the ability to hide it from your profile and even flag it for removal if it doesn’t meet our review criteria and Terms of Use. Your profile and reputation is yours to control.

18. How do I share my profile and invite feedback?

We want you to be in control of your profile and be proud of what it says about you! That’s why we’ve created opportunities for you to share your profile so you can show off that reputation you’ve worked so hard for while asking for additional contributions from people you know.

At the top of your profile, we have included a “Share Profile” button so you can share your profile with your Twitter and LinkedIn connections. By clicking on these links, you can notify people that you are active on BULLIT and direct them to your BULLIT profile. Once they login, they can read and contribute to your profile. Remember: these reviews will not appear as invited reviews because the invitation went out to your broader network. If you want someone to review you and have their feedback appear as a reference, simply enter their email address in at the top of the Request Reviews tab and send them a direct message.

19. What's the difference between ||Share My Profile|| and ||Request Reviews||?

“Share My Profile” is a way to give your networks a heads up that you’re using BULLIT and want them to take a look at your profile. “Request Reviews” is an invitation to your most trusted references to write down what they would say about your during a reference check. Both of these options help collect valuable information regarding who you are in the workplace, they just do it in different ways!

We want you to be proud of your profile and to be able to accurately reflect who you are as a professional with your network. So go ahead and share your profile! Once your network clicks on the link you provide, they must login to access your detailed information, otherwise they will only be able to see only your name, picture, job title and average BULLIT score. If they want to see more details from your profile, like your reviews and comments, they will have to login to our system. From there, they can read more details and contribute to your profile.

When you request a review, you are asking a trusted reference to share their point of view of you and your work. To do this, go to the “Request Reviews” option in the side menu and send emails directly to your contacts. These reviews appear in orange (“invited reviews“) on your profile so they can be easily identified.

Pro Tip: Should a client or potential employer request your references, you’ll want to show consistency between your BULLIT profile and your traditional references. Be sure to invite feedback from people who know you best!

20. I want to review someone but don’t have their email address. What do I do?

Remember – in order for your new reviews to appear in our system, you must be able to supply a current, working email address for the person you wish to review.There are a few easy ways to get updated email addresses for your friends and colleagues if your contacts are a little bit out of date. Here are a few simple options to get the right contact information for anyone in your network:

  • Outlook & Gmail Users:   If you’ve recently emailed the person you’re looking for, an easy place to start is in your Outlook inbox. Just search for their name or start typing in the address box. That should pull up their most recent contact information.
  • LinkedIn:  It’s simple to find current email addresses for anyone in your network! Just look up their profile on LinkedIn. To the right of their profile photo and headline, there’s a tab that says, “Contact and Personal Info”. Click on the arrow and you will see their email address drop down. (Pro tip: If you want to pull ALL of your LinkedIn connections email addresses at once, just use the Export Tool. Go to your LinkedIn profile and click on the “My Network” icon at the top of your homepage. Choose “Your Connections” from the upper left menu. Click “Manage synced and imported contacts” near the top right of the page. On the right, under “Advanced options” you can click “Export contacts” and download all your contacts and updated email addresses right to Excel.)
21. Can I remove myself from BULLIT completely?

Unfortunately, no. We will not disable your profile or remove you completely from BULLIT. BULLIT takes a democratic approach to its user base, which means that anyone can anonymously review anyone else. If you prefer not to show any feedback, you are free to hide all the content others have written about you.

We encourage our members to actively manage their profiles and remove any content they deem unsuitable. If you don’t want to have an active profile, feel free to hide 100% of the reviews and comments you receive. But, we believe this information is useful, we will preserve your ability to add it back to your profile at a later date, should you decide to become a more active member.

If you have further questions about our policies, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more information.

22. How do I report/remove a comment from my profile?

If you feel that a specific review or comment violates the BULLIT Terms of Use, please report it to us immediately by clicking on the “More” icon and selecting “Flag this Content” so that we can remove it.

If you receive a piece of feedback that does not violate the BULLIT Terms of Use, but you do not wish to show it on your profile, feel free to hide it. You can do this by clicking on the “More” icon at the bottom of each review and selecting “Hide This Content.”

Once you hide a review or comment, it will no longer appear on your public profile, nor will it contribute to your overall BULLIT score. You will still be able to access it from the “My Profile” page. Should you decide to unhide the review or comment at a later date, it will be incorporated back into your profile and reflected in your overall score.

23. What is the difference between “Removing” a review and “Hiding” a review from my profile?

As a professional resource, our first priority is making sure that BULLIT is a safe and thoughtful community. All BULLIT members can control their profiles in order to ensure their comments accurately represent their professional reputation.

While we understand that not all feedback can be positive, we require all reviews to be constructive and helpful. If you feel that a comment violates BULLIT’s Terms of Use or the BULLIT Code, report it to us immediately by clicking on the “More” icon and selecting “Flag this Content.”

Once you report or flag a review to the BULLIT team, we’ll take one of two actions: Remove or Hide the review.

BULLIT “Removes” a Review: As soon as we receive a reported or flagged comment, we will temporarily remove it from your profile as we assess it for violations of our Terms of Use. If we agree that the comment is unfair, was not intended as helpful insight, or violates our Terms of Use, we will permanently remove it from your profile with no effect to your BULLIT score or Hidden Comments counter. We will then caution the author and potentially suspend their active membership. No one will be able to see this review on your profile, and it will no longer exist in our system.

BULLIT “Hides” a Review: If we disagree that the comment violates our Terms of Use, it will not be deleted. Instead, we will add it back to your profile as a “Hidden Comment”. Your “Hidden Review” counter will reflect this change and increase. The review will only publicly show on your profile if you choose to make it public again.

24. What does “Following” someone mean on BULLIT?

Have a workplace best friend? Secretly admiring someone with the job you want? Track the profiles of people you’ve worked with closely or anyone whose career path interests you. You can advocate on their behalf — and keep up with their professional developments. All “Following” is anonymous, so feel free to follow anyone that interests you!

If you “Follow” another member, you’ll receive notifications when that person receives a new review on BULLIT. You can then comment on the review and choose to “Agree” or “Disagree” with the review. Anyone who follows you will also receive notifications about your profile and can interact with your reviews.

25. Are Followers made public?

No! Due to BULLIT’s commitment to anonymity, we do not show the names of followers. You will not know who follows you, and vice versa – no one will know that you specifically follow them. Members are only told the number of followers they have. So follow as many people as you think are interesting! It will allow us to show you a lot more interesting information every time you log in!

26. How can I add my opinion or join a discussion regarding a specific review on someone else’s profile?

BULLIT believes wisdom exists in the opinion of the crowd, which is why we encourage our members to actively engage with every piece of feedback they see. We offer a number of different ways to add your opinion to a discussion:

  • Use the WordCloud: Every time a new word is added to another user’s WordCloud, you have the opportunity to agree or disagree with it. If you follow them, you can receive notifications when new words are added, so you can easily stay up-to-date.
  • Agree/Disagree Function: Every comment or review features Agree/Disagree buttons. By clicking this, you can anonymously share your opinion on what you read. For example, if you think a review is a great portrayal of a colleague and you want to advocate for that professional, you can click “Agree.” Your opinion counts!
  • Comment on the Review: Members can anonymously comment on any review they read on the site. For example, after you “Agree” with a review, you can take that a step further and write a statement about why you agree. Or if you “Disagree,” you can provide your constructive perspective.
  • Commenting on a Review on your Profile: We encourage you to join the discussion on your profile! Remember that if you comment on a review on your profile, you will not be anonymous. BULLIT believes that your voice is critical when you’re managing your own reputation. We want to be sure that your comments on your own performance stand out as a key piece of the discussion.

As long as your input is respectful and helpful, there is no wrong way to participate!

27. Why isn’t the review I submitted showing up in the system?

First, thank you for submitting a new review! At BULLIT, we believe that when someone receives a review for the first time, it’s important to notify them as soon as possible so they can check out their feedback. For this reason, if you submitted a review but were unable to provide a current, working email address, we will not display the review. Our system automatically removes reviews when the associated notification email bounces back.


28. How do I log out of BULLIT (or switch users)?

BULLIT uses LinkedIn’s authentication system to verify its community members. If you want to completely log out of BULLIT (or let another user log in on the same desktop or mobile web interface) be sure you’re also fully logged out of your LinkedIn account on your browser. From there you will be presented with new login fields.

29. Why is my account locked?

If a member writes a comment that is abusive, vulgar or bullying on another’s profile and it is removed by our system, we may disable his or her ability to view that profile in the future. We may also choose, in our sole discretion, to lock any member account that violates our Terms of Use. Members with locked accounts may only view their own profiles.

We know you take your job and reputation seriously. So do we — and our goal is to always provide a safe, respectful place where our members can receive, provide and manage professional feedback.

We believe the ability to manage your own reputation is a RIGHT. We also think that the ability to comment on and provide feedback to others is a PRIVILEGE. We reserve the right to revoke these privileges at our own discretion.

If you feel that BULLIT locked your account unfairly, email the BULLIT team at  and let us know.

30. Why can’t I see a specific member’s profile anymore?

If you violate our Terms of Use by making an abusive or bullying comment on another user’s profile, you may be blocked from interacting with them in the future. We value the power of anonymity in providing transparent feedback. However, we also feel strongly that our members deserve to feel confident and safe while using our platform. We feel strongly that our BULLIT members deserve helpful, constructive feedback. We retain the right to block anyone that we believe violates our community guidelines.

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