Anti-Abuse Tools

Crowdsourcing your reputation may, at first, seem like a daunting proposition. Despite our best intentions, the internet can be a scary place—and our professional contacts aren’t always as “professional” as we might like. Nevertheless, we are committed to providing a community in which our members have the freedom to give and receive feedback with the confidence that they will be treated with respect. BULLIT has created a set of tools to enable our users to trust that they are always in control of their professional persona online.

Our anti-abuse tools and zero-tolerance policy against bullying and harassment allow us to address violations of the BULLIT Code and our Terms of Use in a timely manner. We want our users to feel confident that the rules are being enforced consistently, fairly and in a manner that quickly stops any attempt to abuse the BULLIT system.

How do the Anti-abuse Tools work?

From the moment you login to BULLIT system, we employ a network of multi-layer tools to ensure that mean-spirited, bullying or vulgar comments do not appear on our user’s profiles.

  1. Login Requirements: We want to be sure that each user is who they say they are. This keeps people from creating fake, anonymous accounts explicitly designed to hurt or bully another user.
  2. Login: We require any user viewing or commenting on our site to have a valid LinkedIn account. This is how we verify that you are who you say you are.
  3. Minimum of 30 Connections Required: We also require each user has a minimum of 30 connections on LinkedIn before they can have an active BULLIT account. This is how we verify that a LinkedIn account is active and linked to a real person (vs. a dummy account.)
  4. Review Filters: BULLIT uses technology that is intended to filter reviews for vulgarity and offensive language. Any attempt to submit a review containing language flagged by our filters will bounce back and notify the author that this type of content is not acceptable on the BULLIT system.
  5. Comment Removal: If a comment doesn’t explicitly violate the BULLIT Code or our Terms of Use, but you don’t like it, you are free to hide it from public view. You have a right to determine what appears on your profile, and for this reason, you are free to hide any comment you choose. This includes hiding ALL reviews and content if you choose not to maintain a presence on our site. If, at a later date, you choose to come back and unhide any (or all) of your reviews, you are also free to do that. BULLIT will not publish hidden reviews without your permission.
  6. Community Flagging on every Review: Every review that appears on our system has a flag icon at the bottom. This means that you can report any potentially abusive review that you see – whether it’s on your profile or on another user’s. We trust your judgement: if you believe a comment on another user’s profile violates the BULLIT Code or our Terms of Use, let us know. As a soon as a review is flagged, it is automatically and immediately removed from our site, pending review by a BULLIT team member. Why does this matter?
  7. We’re All in This Together : You have the right to decide what content appears on your profile. We also believe that your network should feel empowered to speak up on your behalf, whether it’s in the form of a glowing review or in response to some constructive feedback. Your network knows you best, and we want to add transparency in how they advocate for your true, professional self.
  8. Enforcing the Rules: You have the fundamental right to see and participate in the management of your reputation. However, we believe that participating in the management of another person’s reputation is a privilege. We will revoke that privilege if we feel a user is unable to be positive and constructive with another user. For this reason, we take violations of the BULLIT Code and/or our Terms of Use very seriously. When a user breaks the rules, there are a number of consequences.
  9. Blocked From Your Profile : If a user is found to have written a comment that is in violation our rules, that comment is permanently removed from your profile. That user may be permanently blocked from viewing your profile in the future. They will not be able to leave future comments or from following your progress. Reviews that violate our Terms of Use or the BULLIT Code will not be reflected in your overall score or added to your Hidden Comments counter.
  10. Banning from the System : If a user is found to consistently violate the BULLIT Code or our Terms of Use, we may ban them from our system. They will only be able to access their own profile and will not be able to access the rest of the system.

Tell Us What You Think: We rely on and value your feedback. Tell us what you think of our anti-abuse tools so we can improve our system! Contact us at to share your ideas.