BULLIT is a professional social network that focuses on what makes you great at your job; namely, the skills and traits that only you bring to the table.

BULLIT is about boosting your career.  We are here to transform how young professionals show themselves and get recognized. Show the things that make you truly great at your job: the experience, raw talent, and soft skills that really matter to your coworkers, mentors, and boss. Anonymous recommendations speak to your skills so you don’t have to.

BULLIT is about useful insights. Anonymous review sound scary. But we believe anonymity frees our community to provide feedback that has real impact. With a heft set of privacy and anti-abuse policies and tools in place, we encourage users to be honest in their reviews and to give feedback without awkwardness or disingenuous comments that often come from performance evaluations. Best of all, you’re in complete control over what’s shown or hidden.

BULLIT is about timely feedback. There’s nothing worse than waiting until the end of the year to hear about your performance in an annual review. Hear what you’re doing great – and could improve – when it really matters.

BULLIT is about better connections. We’re making it easy to network with the people who matter in your career. Give a knock-out client presentation? Ask them for a quick review on BULLIT. Seeking a new job? Check out a potential coworker’s profile on BULLIT. Take your references with you at every point in your career, not just in the moment you’re seeking a new job.

You are a multi-dimensional person with qualities that go beyond your professional degrees and credentials. It’s time to let that person shine through.

BULLIT’s Values

Our goal is to create a community that values respect above all else. We require our members to have a sense of responsibility and accountability to the community. This means a commitment to providing honest, well-meaning feedback at all times.

We understand that not all feedback can be positive, but we require it to always be constructive. This means: if you have nothing nice or constructive to say about someone, you need to move on to another profile. Further, if you see something that might be harmful, you can take action: we encourage our members to protect each other from bullying and harassment, and we give you the tools to treat others the way you wish to be treated.

Any attempt to use our platform to harm or bully another user may result in permanent suspension of your membership. Click here learn more about BULLIT’s safety/anti-abuse tools.

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